Hi everyone!

First, I'd like to welcome our new staff! They've been so fun to work with and not bossy too (and that's a huge relief hehe). 

I've noticed some people commenting on manga forums that our releases are too slow for a group only doing one project. 
I know this too, since I've worked (and is working) with other scan groups who release whole volumes in a week. 

But the thing is, many of our staff are involved in other scan groups, and I don't want to put pressure on any of them. I want this to be a fun thing where you don't have to stress about deadlines. Or worry about being unable to leave because we're scary (which we are not, btw!!).

Another reason is because I want to keep a good stock (?) of releases, just in case we get seriously busy later on and have to go inactive because we can't release anything. Planning for the future, you know~? HAHAHA. 

Finally, we are all super busy. I know everyone says this, and yes it's an excuse, but this is really a co- part of our lives. It's like a minor hobby thing. We all have our priorities and better things to spend our time on... but that sounds too 'cold'. But you get the idea.

Okay, end of excuses! 

I made a mistake in chapter one! I said that the boss was a 'HE' but it turns out that it's a 'SHE'. I didn't read chapter 2 beforehand and ... yeah. Sorry about that. They didn't really say which gender the boss was, just a mention of 'the boss' and you know, difference in languages. YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M JUST GARBLING ON. LET'S JUST END IT WITH A 'I'M SORRY FOR THE TRANSLATION MISTAKE'. THANKS PEOPLE. 

:D hope you enjoy this chapter!!


6/20/2012 03:57:23

It does not matter how long it takes you, the group, to do a release as long as you, the members, are fine with that pace. If the users don't like it, they can start working on it themselves or join your group to help out.

6/20/2012 04:05:24

hi blob! thanks for saying that.
i know, i was just getting a bit defensive after reading other people's comments! :D
but they can't start working on it! then what'll happen to our ready-to-go-releases!

6/20/2012 23:49:39

Thank you for the release^^ This serie is really interesting:)

6/21/2012 03:10:20

Right?? I think so too! xD
Thanks to you too! :)


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