Hope you enjoy!

We've asked Yeon Woo about it, and he's agreed to let us upload it on our website instead of the Naver blog, since it was hard for people to read (since it's a Korean website and all). 


Chapter 1 of Pink Lady Classic has been released! 

This is actually to celebrate our one-month anniversary. Although it's not much (trust me, I know it's really not much), we hope you still enjoy it. 

Unfortunately, due to Yeon Woo's wishes, we will not be allowing others to download it. You are only allowed to read it on our Naver Blog, similar to what Drunken Ducks Scans had to do. 

Hence, if you see it being hosted on any manga reading sites, we'd really appreciate it if you could notify us, or take the initiative to tell them. If that were to continue, Yeon Woo may just withdraw the permission he gave us, and that would mean no Pink Lady Classic. And no one wants that (at least I don't).

Note: from now on, we'll be referring to Pink Lady Classic as PLC. It's easier to type that way! :D

Thanks and enjoy~~ <3


After picking up/dropping Trace:Perfume, we were wondering which project we should pick up. And.... we picked up PINK LADY CLASSIC. 

Someone told us that we might have to drop this one too, because the author may be against it being scanlated. So we're just going to email him now and ask him whether it's alright. 

IF!! It's not alright, I really don't know what we're going to do. So let's hope for the best, since I think lots of people want us to carry on with it. 

So before he replies, let's enjoy what we can do! 

But then, we don't know whether he'll say NO yet. So yeah. Keep your fingers crossed. <3