We've come to the end of Cat Funeral! 

I hope everyone enjoyed this work.

Personally, I really liked it (and I still do) although it was short and a bit confusing. 
It left an impression on me but I don't really know how to explain it :P

It just makes me think. A lot. 

Anyway! Before my head gets all messed up and I forget, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ THIS, WORKED ON THIS AND SUPPORTED US. 

Mindy! Jeane! Chys! And our friends at Times Cage!! I <3 YOU!

Chapter 6 has been released!

There have been lots of comments about how short the chapters of cat funeral are. 

Sorry, but that's the way it is. We're not cutting up the original chapters into bits and uploading fractions of them one at a time. That's how short they are 
There are only 7 chapters in the webtoon. So it's nearly over.

Hope you've used it so far. 

I'm really grateful for Chys Alsle.

She's so fantastic and wonderful! I'm so lucky I'm her friend.

The speed at which cat fun
It's been way too long since the last release. 

Sorry. But I've seriously no more exams in 2-12
I really really like this webtoon.

There's nothing much to it, but I dunno, it's just really interesting. And cool. I don't know. It just draws me in. 

Hope you enjoy it! There aren't many chapters left HAHA so I'm guessing it'll be completed by next month

I'm not sure whether everyone will understand this chapter... there's a part inside that goes something like:

"Shall I sit?"
"Yeah, I'll stand."

Do you get it?? It's like they said it at the same time, and she said she'd sit because he was sitting and he said he'd stand because she was standing. 

Then after that, he says he was going to go to the toilet, which is probably because the situation was a bit you know. You know? I don't know how to explain! I mean, he stood up so he should go somewhere. Or it's... weird and stupid and awkward xD

Or is it just me and Mindy? We had issues over this so I thought people wouldn't get it... 

Okay I'll stop being paranoid now. What am I rambling on about?! Enjoy!

There are 2 things I need to mention for this release.

1. This is a joint project with Time's Cage :D
They're a Russian scanlation group who is currently re-translating Paradise! 
They asked us if we could help them out by translating this, since the previous group didn't complete it.
They're sending us the cleans ;)

2. A new proofreader!
With this new project, we've got a new proofreader!
Her name is mindy :)

Hope you enjoy!

And I know this was supposed to be a double release, with paradise chapter 10 but Ana is busy (I think). 
If she doesn't get back to me by tomorrow, I'll send it to another proofreader. 
I'm really really sorry Anatakado, for sending it to you so late :( I keep  doing this, don't I?

Anyway, thanks for everything guys and see you!