YAY our 4th release!! :D
We realised that chapters are MUCH MUCH MUCH longer than prologues. Like... 5 times the pages. But it's okay, as long as it's fun!!

We haven't read chapter 2 yet (shall do that today while getting the raws heh) so we're having a fun(?) time trying to figure out who the person that came to visit Yu Shin is. And... how he's going to get to the island.

So enjoy this chapter everyone!! Thanks to our new staff members, we MIGHT be able to get 2 releases a week done. We'll try. So look forward to the other releases!!

6/13/2012 03:13:55

thanks for the chapter. saw this one on batoto. looks promising.! please do more chapters. don't care bout the sfx, etc. just the content. :)

6/13/2012 04:42:16

No problemo! and it IS promising ;) look forward to more of our releases then :D


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